What Are We?

Meadowgate Equine Rescue & Rehabilitation Facility

Rescuing horses from abuse and neglect situations, giving them a second chance for a good and happy life through a variety of rehabilitation methods.

Photos of our current horses are not published to protect their identities during their rehabilitation and open court cases.

To contact Meadowgate:  607-216-2572 or email-meadowgatehorses@aol.com

Meadowgate works with law enforcement agencies, cruelty investigators, SPCA's, and Humane Societies of the county horses are located in.

Meadowgate is a registered facility with NYS Ag & Market.

Meadowgate is a registered 501(c)3 organization and follows NYS Ag & Market laws, and NYS Humane Society guidelines.

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What Should You Look For?

Signs of Abuse and Neglect...

Bony or ribby

Open, infected, bleeding wounds that have not been treated

NO Food or Water

Overgrown hooves

Standing in a sawhorse stance or with head down is a sign of pain/despair.

No shelter to escape wind, heat, cold, rain/ice, etc.

Tying horses to anything and leaving them there.

Whip marks or scars

Extreme fear


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Programs of Meadowgate


A two hour visit session at Meadowgate is available for youth groups of any kind, camps, etc.  During those two hours equine abuse and neglect is described.  A tour of the current horses is given.  Basic horsemanship is discussed.  And finally a short opportunity is given for the group to "give back" and do something around the facility to help the horses.  Cost is $100 for group of 20 or less.  Your counselors participate and monitor the group.

A four hour visit session at Meadowgate is also available.  It includes everything above and an introduction to survival techniques with an opportunity to practice them.  Cost is $250.  Maximum capacity is 25.  Your counselors participate and monitor the group.

Seasonal Programs:

Ponderosa Pals

May 1 - September 30

A mentoring program is available for youth that need:

something to do

needs a new challenge

has had some life changing situations that need a "monitored escape" from

needs to learn equine husbandry before purchasing a horse of their own

Cost for this program is $50/hour.  Pam sets aside specific times and days to work with your child.  This program has changed many lives and has been a great success.  Can call for program details to see if it would work for your child.  607-216-2572.

Year Round Opportunities:

Volunteers are always welcomed and is based on amount of horses at facility, and how many are currently volunteering.  Experience is preferred but not a must.  Working with rescued horses is not the same as working with a horse that has been well treated.  Many times a movement, tone of voice or action can trigger a negative memory.  As we work with rescued horses there is more than just feeding them a balanced plan...often once we establish good eating habits, attended their injuries and are healing well...we have to deal with the emotional and mental trauma.  Which is often more difficult than the physical problems.



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Why We Do What We Do

Several years ago my husband and I purchased a horse for our oldest daughter.  With 5 kids life was busy!  But horses tend to keep young teenage girls busy...at least some of them.  Ha!  We contacted someone local and asked if they had anything for sale.  I had grown up with horses, participated with the equine 4-h group at the time, found my way to Texas and worked there training and showing.  Managed a barn with 50 horses, etc., etc., etc.  I knew how much work owning one was.  Anyway, they had a horse that might suit our needs.  We went and looked at him...my daughter loved him.  We made arrangements for our daughter to help out there for a few weeks and get to know him...yep, you guessed it!  She fell in love with him and he grew very attached to her...so home he came.  During those weeks she helped out there I would talk with the owner about horses that they had helped and asked where the local rescues were, etc.  I was told there weren't any.  So feeling the deep stirring within I researched for about a year into rescue requirements, talked with rescues across the nation, contacted by mail all law enforcement agencies in NYS and Humane Societies to see how big the need really was for equine rescue.  Based on response from those letters I talked with my husband about starting one.

As things progressed I was introduced to a lawyer that specialized in non-profit organizations.  When I found out how much it was going to cost to get things rolling I was discouraged because I didn't have that kind of money laying around.  Someone I knew found out what I was trying to do and gave me the funds to get the ball rolling!  Wow!  First step in knowing I was supposed to do this!  The lawyer started the three inches of paperwork and I was off looking for land to purchase.  Looked at several parcels.  Found one that would allow us to grow our own hay, had a barn, etc.  But owner was older and thought he should get ALOT of money for it.  He changed his requests everytime I talked to him about it, so I saw another parcel that was ideal and offered more... but we wouldn't be able to grow our own hay.  I approached the owner and asked if he would be willing to sell...he was.  Now where was that money going to come from?

Well, step number two in knowing I was to do this was the money needed was given to me by another person...yeah...mind blowing huh?  No strings attached either.  The land owner was willing to owner finance also.  So purchase was made and we had money to build a barn.  While the barn was being constructed family allowed me to temporarily use their property to fence and use part of their barn to start bringing horses in.   Meadowgate was created!  To date of this writing over 750 horses have needed a place to go to and we received those calls.  Unfortunately we are not that big to take all of them but we have helped the ones in the most desperate of situations.

Because equine abuse and neglect has been such a large issue but a silent one for many years equine rescues quickly become full.  Our experience in helping other rescues has not always been great.  Unfortunately we realized that there are some people out there that claim to be legit but are not.  So my advice to anyone wanting to donatae a horse to one or to get involved with one is to look into their credentials.  Are they really a 501(c)3 organization?  What does the local creulty investigators, humane societies, etc. think of them?  Some talk a real good talk but have alterior motives of making money.  So beware...

Also, remember anyone can set up a "donation account" through online sources...need I say more?

Meadowgate receives a yearly visit by NYS Ag & Market.  Cruelty investigators often come with us when bringing rescues our facility.  We have established collaborations with other reputable rescues.  Have questions about us?  We encourage you to check us out!

Our goal is to "Make Tears Disappear".  Honestly, safely, and lovingly.


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