Our Mission

To rescue horses in a neglect/abuse situation by removing them from owner’s property with law enforcement present.  They are then brought to Meadowgate for the necessary medical care needed for each situation.  We will also accept those that are no longer wanted if space is available.  All horses will go through a rehabilitation program and if suitable will be placed in good, loving, and secure homes.  If not suitable they will stay with Meadowgate.  We will stand in the gap for those that can not.

Our Story

Nestled in the foothills of the Apalachian Mountains is a small Finger Lakes town, and located there is a place of peace and security where abused and neglected horses can go to for healing.  In 2005, Meadowgate was established as a 501(c)3 organization by Founder Pam Watros.  At that time Meadowgate was the only equine rescue facility in the area.  Upon discovering that there were no facilities available for hurting and desperate horses, Pam spent several months investigating the regulations of starting a rescue, and contacted all NYS law enforcement agencies, and NYS humane societies to see how great the need for one might really be.  Based upon the responses from those agencies Meadowgate was formed.  Specifically dealing with abuse and neglect cases, calls started coming in when word got out that there was finally a place to take horses to.  Most SPCA’s, and humane societies in the area were not set up for large animal cases.  One call to help one quickly turned into calls to help seven, ten, twenty-three, and so on.  Following NYS Ag & Market laws Meadowgate quickly earned a “gold” reputation of being honest and helpful.  With the purpose of getting horses out of  suffering lifestyles they have to endure, Meadowgate continues to help every horse they can.  (Space availability is usually the downside of helping.)  Striving to give each horse that arrives at Meadowgate the best care possible…and sometimes making those quality of life decisions.

Meadowgate has also reached out to hurting people…youth in particular.  A program called Ponderosa Pals was created that mentors youth at risk, youth that need a definitive purpose, and sometimes just need a “time out” from their daily lifestyle.  Adult volunteers have come to Meadowgate to help and sometimes to be helped in some way and have left Meadowgate with a richer outlook.  As we watch the healing happen between a hurting child/adult…and a hurting horse it makes a our mission to stand in the gap even larger!

Meet the Board

The board of Meadowgate currently consists of women who all bring something different to the table.

Pam Watros:  Board President

Over 40 years of working with all breeds of horses.  Starting her riding career as a 5 yr. old and never stopped.  Huge passion and understanding for horses has led her to work with them in several venues.  Says… as long as she can get in the saddle…she will!

Andi Hartenstein:  Board Vice President

Over 50 years experience with horses.  Great support leader and knows EVERYONE somehow.  Brings years of dedication and insight to Meadowgate.


Beverly VanCleef:  Board Chair

Mother of a robust youngster and officer of the law, Bev is our “legal backbone”.  Helping whenever needed her law enforcement training keeps Meadowgate on track.

Phaedra Fredericks: Secretary

Mom of 3 and very helpful in the office.  Her training in human resources provides insights we may not have thought of and has often led us to look at things in a different light.



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